Knitting Bag

I made myself a new knitting bag to replace my favourite one that I lost at the airport and this time I took pictures as I went and thought I would share the instructions with you.


For the bag you will need:

0.5m of cloth for the outside and 0.5m of cloth for the lining.

I have used denim for the outside but you could use linen or another thick cotton. I used a patterned cotton for the lining.

Below is the schematic for the bag pattern. You should be able to construct it on some tracing paper or news paper from the measurements given. Feel free to make it bigger or smaller as it suits you. The pocket size can also be varied in size.



  1. Cut out the fabric as directed in the schematic.
  2. Decorate your bag outer fabric as you wish. You might like to embroider or applique it. In this one, I took my inspiration from the lining material pattern. I drew it on the fabric using a chalk pencil and a small bowl and a cocktail nip measure as templates! I embroidered with Sashiko cotton thread using running stitches.

    new bag in prep
    new bag front with lining fabric
  3. Prepare the pocket piece by finishing the edges with pinking scissors or an overlocking stitch and turning over the top edge twice and stitching it in place. Press the other edges under and pin in place as desired. Sew the pocket in place leaving the top of the pocket open. Obviously. In this example I used a couple of leftover fabric scraps to make the pocket.
  4. Pin the outer pieces together and sew from A to D via B and C (see Schematic).
  5. Repeat for the lining pieces.
  6. Trim the corners and press both outer and lining pieces.
  7. Turn the outer piece inside out and put the lining piece inside it so that right sides are facing. 20181004_165807
  8. Pin handle pieces: one outer to one inner piece.
  9. Stitch the curves of the handles, A to F and E to D leaving the top unfinished.
  10. Nick the curved seam so that it will not pucker when turned the right way out.
  11. This the magic bit. Turn the bag the right way around by passing it through one of the openings at the top of the handles.  Put the lining back inside the outer layer. Press.
  12. With right sides together pin the top edges of the outer layer handle together and stitch in place.
  13. You will now have just the edges of the lining side of the handle unfinished. Fold the edges over and press them in place so that they meet in the centre, covering the seam left when the outer layer of the handle was stitched together at the top and pin in place. Stitch the edges together by hand. I top-stitched by hand around the curved edges and on either side of the top of the handle to reinforce it and because it looked good.

Congratulations, you made a knitting bag!

Please let me know how you get on with making the bag. I’d love to see your versions and let me know if you have any problems interpreting my instructions. You can email me at if you do have difficulties. Share pictures of your bags on instagram with the hashtag: #sharedthreads_knittingbag.


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