The convert

by Susan Solomon

Susan Solomon with red-brown knitted scarf

For years and years I’ve watched people knit with fascination, envy and in some cases thoughts of old ladies!! Nah not for me!

The last time I tried I was a school girl.

I managed to knit one sleeve of a green jersey that buttoned up the front.

I was supposed to finish it in the first term and with the help of my Mom and our helper lady it was finally finished just before the exhibition.  Nearly a year later, not only was the sweater slightly awkward to get on, the knitting differed and the green had faded in some areas. It caused gales of laughter and I never tried again.

Oh I did try to show my daughter how to knit. I managed to cast on stitches and show her plain and pearl and that was all I managed for her and she duly made a sort of square! Until Megan, my Pilates buddy invited me to come for an afternoon to knit a Pussy Hat.

Well, being politically motivated and thinking this may be something I should reconsider I went along and got totally hooked.

I can now not imagine sitting about without knitting and as for watching tv … it is now critical! I Must have wool!!!!

Susan Solomon colourful knitted collar

I’ve walked to Morris and Sons, the yarn shop in the city on occasion as I just cannot be without my knitting!! This has caused much amused curiosity by my spouse and daughter and I have been dishing out scarves for numerous friends. However I admit I have not really got past scarves as the idea of doing anything complicated makes me reconsider!!

I make up the patterns as I go along however if anybody can make any suggestions on how to make any other simple things I’d be really excited to give it a go! See below what I’ve managed to make!

Susan Solomon white knitted scarf

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