Travel Notes

When I travel, one of the first things I do is look up the local yarn stores and any fibre related events that might be happening during my stay. Yes, really. Apparently I am not alone.

I have even been known to organise my travel time around yarn events or even to travel with the sole purpose of attending a yarn event. Whilst this may sound seriously warped – pun intended – I offer no apologies.

It is what I like doing. Whilst other people buy postcards, or scarves or clothes when they travel (which I also do), I buy yarn. I can look around my studio or my wardrobe and say – I bought that yarn in San Francisco, or New York or London, or Paris.

It is not always easy to find local yarn shops or yarn events. Some research is needed. Googling ‘yarn shops in….’ is a good start and will usually provide a list and map of the most popular stores. These can then be saved to google maps. Google will list the shops with reviews which can help refine your choices if time, or patience of one’s travel partner, is limited. Googling may also lead you to travel blogs which list ‘the best 10 yarn shops in…’.

It is then worthwhile checking out the websites of the shops and how easy they will be to get to, their opening hours and whether they have drop in knitting sessions you might be able to join in in order to meet some locals. I did this when I was recently in Vancouver. My daughter and I spent a delightful evening at Baaad Anna’s Yarns and were heartily welcomed into their fold.

In terms of knitting events, Clara Parks has an ever updating list of international Fibre Events on her Knitters Review page.
She makes no pretense to its completeness and invites her readership to add to it.

The Travel Knitter Blog has a small list of international yarn stores.

And Interweave Knits publishes a list of hints about knitting and traveling
which I think will be the topic of another Travel Notes posting. In the meantime, I will begin to collate a list of local and Australian and New Zealand fibre events and yarn stores to help with your next holiday.


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